Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing with Pictures

Last week, some friends and I went to the park to play with our cameras.  We were practicing using different shutter speeds, camera modes, depth of field, etc.



The two above are examples of how changing the depth of field can affect your photograph.  The bottom has a shallow depth of field (and is a bit over exposed—sorry about that), which is a nice way to bring attention to your subject.  Incidentally, my goal is to somehow learn to be as adorable as she is while taking pictures. 


I’m normally more interested in portraits than other types of photos, but this picture makes me happy.


Playing with shutter speed (hint:  a fast shutter speed will freeze the droplets in air, a slow shutter speed will make the water look like it’s flowing, but you’ll want to use a tripod for that and I didn’t bring mine).





Just a note:  I’m perfectly happy with my boys.  They’re rough and tough and FUN.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  But sometimes, I see something that makes me think it might be fun to also have a little girl.  Like these shoes by a bench in the park. 


This wasn’t at the park, but was a cute one I found on my camera while taking the others off.  We went to a U-Pick farm to get raspberries for jam and summer smoothies, but this little guy read the sign wrong:  he thought it said “U-Pick I-Eat!”

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  1. I think we are copying you. Didn't you guys recently go to Silver Creek Falls? And we went to the fountains today and I see that you went there too. Did you go today?